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What is table salt?

What is table salt?

Today almost every dish contains edible salt, popularly known as “white death”. Infrared toaster oven vs microwave – what’s your choice?

Due to the unique properties of its crystals, it is able to reveal and transform the taste of food.

At first glance, there is nothing unusual about these white-gray crystals, which people have long been accustomed to using for cooking. However, there are many more varieties of this product. We are talking about the types of food salt required for the preparation of various dishes.

Types of salt

There are the following common types of dietary salt:

  1. Of course, the most popular is rock salt or table salt. It is a lot of small white crystals and can be found in the kitchen of any housewife. This product is made by boiling halite, a salt mineral.
  2. Extra” class salt is the salt of fine grinding. As a rule, it is filled in the kitchen salt shakers. It is rapidly soluble and therefore most often used as an additive to a cooked dish and not very suitable for salting fish or meat products during cooking.
  3. Iodized salt is the same salt that contains potassium iodide. Moderate use of such a spice will saturate the body with a trace element necessary for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. It should be borne in mind that its useful properties are lost when exposed to high temperatures, particularly during cooking hot dishes. Therefore, it is best to add iodized salt to cold dishes.
  4. Sea salt tastes almost the same as ordinary salt. Its peculiarity is that it is rich in a variety of useful trace elements, which do not have common salt. This product is obtained by evaporating sea water, hence the name. And the water evaporates, as a rule, under the influence of the sun. In Japan, this salt is very often used in cooking rice for making rolls and sushi.
  5. Pink Himalayan salt from Pakistan consists of 8% iron. This salt, like sea salt, contains a whole bouquet of beneficial trace elements. In addition, it is considered the purest salt of all and has a variety of therapeutic properties.
  6. There is also black salt, which contains sulfides and iron. This product is produced in India and its main feature is a specific color and smell, which conventional salt does not have. Therefore, such an element is often used in the preparation of various delicacies.

As a rule, edible salt contains a certain amount of useful elements for the body, but it should be used only in certain quantities.

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