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The perfect barbecue: where to camp in Tuscany

The perfect barbecue: where to camp in Tuscany

These are the best months of the year – says jfrankhenderson reviews site. It is the period when you start to go out most often because you take advantage of the beautiful sunny days and longer days to do some ‘healthy camping in the midst of nature with friends and family, maybe even with a delicious barbecue. By the way, have you ever been camping in Tuscany?

In this article I will give you some advice on how to make a perfect barbecue during your camping. We will see the best cooking techniques, safety regulations and the choice of meat. We will also find out where you can find areas equipped to make a pleasant camping in the beautiful Tuscany.

Meat cooking techniques

First of all, you have to use the perfect equipment and not the first things that happen to you, maybe bought in a store at bargain prices.

Before you put the meat to cook you must first make sure that the coal has produced a slight white ash. The real barbecue is made only in this way: on hot embers, not in contact with wood or on the open flame.

The most suitable tool to cook the meat and then turn it and move it over the embers is the pallet. We do not recommend the fork because it tends to pierce the meat by releasing part of the fat and thus losing all the taste: the meat prepared in this way will certainly be hard and not very juicy.

One way to make the meat even tastier is to cook it on stone and not on a classic plate. In this way the fat of the meat can evaporate upwards giving more taste to your lunch. Also, if you want a tastier and more flavored meat try using shavings of cherry, peach or cedar trees.

Another trick to make a great barbecue is to brush the food you’re going to cook on the grill with oil. This will not only give you more taste, but you will also be able to convey the heat to what you are cooking in an optimal way. I refer you to my guide for a perfect barbecue to deepen these techniques.

Safety regulations

Safety is also an essential point if you want to make a great and safe barbecue. First of all I suggest you to get fireproof gloves and at least two pliers of 40 or maximum 50 centimeters.

This will allow you to stay at a considerable distance from the heat source, without running the risk of burning yourself.

Camping in Tuscany: choice of meat

The meat par excellence to be grilled is pork. In addition to the quality of the meat you have to pay attention to the amount of fat present. The more fat there is on the meat, the tastier it will be.

If you buy pork with very little fat, you’ll find yourself with a stoppery steak and little flavour. On the other hand, buying it with too much fat also has its side effects, because you risk getting pieces of meat that are too greasy and difficult to chew. So you’ll have to choose a middle ground: always ask your butcher for advice.

The most suitable cuts to grill at the barbecue are sliced pork belly, knots and neck chops.

If you want to buy also some beef cuts, instead, the ones that go for the most part are the “fracoste”, the “bavetta” and the “sirloin”. During the barbecue you can also grill other types of meat, not only pork and beef, but also white meats such as chicken and lamb. Read more about cooking techniques in my article “The different types of barbecue cooking”.

Three hours before cooking the meat it is recommended to marinate it in a mixture of olive oil, rosemary, lemon, coarse salt, chili pepper and spicy paprika. Leaving the meat to soak in this tasty dish will result in an unprecedented cooking result. The taste of the meat will be greatly enhanced and the dishes tasty to the right point.

Where to camp in Tuscany

Choosing to go camping in Tuscany brings a lot of benefits to body and mind. In addition to a fantastic barbecue you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities on your own or with friends, such as sports in the midst of nature, from hiking in the woods to rock climbing. You can also engage in quieter activities such as taking a few photos, reading a book lying on the grass or contemplating in total silence the vastness that surrounds you while walking through the trees.

In Tuscany there are many areas in which to camp that will give you the opportunity to live these beautiful experiences.

In Montepulciano there is an area in the middle of the “I Chiari” countryside not far from the lake, and for cycling enthusiasts it will also be possible to make long rides on the bike path.

In Pistoia is very famous “the Camper Area Podere Campofossato” where you can also park your camper if you own one. The area is accompanied by a beautiful barbecue area equipped with tables and benches and, for the most technological, even a Wi-Fi connection.

In the beautiful Montecatini Terme you will find “Pionieri Village”, a fenced and guarded area where you can have barbecues and many activities just a few steps from the shopping center.

“L’Oasi” in Grosseto gives the possibility to about fifty campers to park and enjoy the beautiful pine forest, where there are toilets, free showers and washing facilities.

In Monteriggioni you will find the Agriturismo Sambuco, which has eight stalls for campers. It is immersed in absolute tranquility and there is the possibility, when you do not cook grilled meat, to enjoy the delicious dishes of the restaurant adjacent to the rest area.

Campsite in Tuscany: Conclusions

As you may have understood from these few lines, camping in Tuscany is an experience to be done as soon as possible, especially with these fantastic sunny days, with the air of spring and the blue skies.

Spend some time with your loved ones doing fun activities and trying to make a unique barbecue I can tell you that it will give you wellness and happiness. In addition, it is a holiday that will not make you spend much money. On the contrary, it is one of the cheapest experiences ever, especially if you decide to sleep in a tent under the stars.

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