Best electric ovens for homemade pizza

Electric pizza ovens are appliances that are used to make pizza at home. Pizza is one of the most popular and well-known foods in the world, made with simple ingredients that, put together, have created a timeless recipe that we can no longer do without. To prepare pizza at home without having to go to the pizzeria, however, you need […]

Homemade pizza: 5 mistakes we make often

One thing is quite clear: making a pizza like that of the Neapolitan pizzeria, or pizza by the cut, is not easy at all. This, despite the good will, the careful choice of flour, the care in kneading, the patience to make rise. Assuming that, however, and unless you have a wood-burning oven or an appliance with exceptional performance in […]

How to cook cod. All the ways to prepare it

Cod, whose Latin name is Gadus morhua, is a very common fish on Italian tables. It is fished mainly in the cold and deep waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and the main world producers are Norway, Iceland, Ireland, United Kingdom. It is a fish with white meat, firm and low fat. Depending on its processing takes different names: cod […]

How to clean, cook and eat prickly pears

Difficult to handle, but very tasty to eat: they are the prickly pears, a delicious fruit widespread on the Italian tables of the South but still too little used in mainstream cuisine. Perhaps it’s the fault of its hard rind and the small thorns that surround it. But it only takes a little attention and creativity to get from this […]

Baked pizza: dough and seasoning

If we wanted to subdivide pizza lovers into two categories, we could use as a discriminating factor the moment when we are no longer satisfied with just an honest homemade quick pizza, but we go in search of a different product that is similar to that of pizzerias . This contamination, which I myself have been experiencing for some years, […]