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How to cook cod. All the ways to prepare it

How to cook cod. All the ways to prepare it

Cod, whose Latin name is Gadus morhua, is a very common fish on Italian tables. It is fished mainly in the cold and deep waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and the main world producers are Norway, Iceland, Ireland, United Kingdom. It is a fish with white meat, firm and low fat. Depending on its processing takes different names: cod if it is stored in salt, or stockfish if it is dried without head. 

How To Cook Cod

Cod is a very versatile fish that can be cooked in different ways. The simplest is natural: simply boil it in a fish tank for about ten minutes and serve with extra virgin olive oil or a fresh tomato and basil sauce. In this way you will enhance the flavor without excesses. 

Another “light” oriental-style cooking is steamed in the bamboo basket, which is placed on a pot of boiling water. To flavor the water you can use lemon peel, ginger, green tea or a vegetable broth.

Among the recipes preferred by children, but not only, there is fried cod that makes the fillets crisp. A batter is prepared by mixing the egg with the flour with a whisk and adding a pinch of salt and mineral water. The slices should be immersed in boiling oil for about 5 minutes until the batter has swollen and is golden brown. If you cut them into smaller pieces you can get delicious finger food morsels to be pierced with a wooden toothpick.

Baked Cod

If you are looking for a light and tasty dish, baked cod is a recipe that you can no longer do without. Baking in the oven, in fact, allows you to maintain the right consistency of the meat and allows an elegant presentation on the table, perfect if you have guests. You start by greasing the dish with oil and laying the cod.

At this point, prepare the panure by adding breadcrumbs, peel and lemon juice and pour it on the cod. Alternatively, you can also use aromatic herbs to flavour the panure such as thyme and rosemary. If you like sweet flavors you can add sultanas, slightly soaked in water and then squeezed or almond flakes for a crisp touch. Cooking will take about 15-20 minutes in the oven at 200 °. 

Cod In A Frying Pan

A simple and quick alternative for cooking cod is in the pan. Usually we use fillets that are a more regular cut and easier to cook. For success it is important to control the temperatures well.

Put the oil or butter on the bottom and, after a couple of minutes, when the fat has warmed up well, lay the floured cod fillets on top. They are cooked for about two minutes and delicately put into a dish.

For an even more aromatic recipe, a handful of pine nuts can be added during cooking. Finally, add salt and pepper and freshly chopped parsley. The perfect accompaniment for cod in a frying pan is the misticanza or the zucchini in carpione, which gives a touch of acidity. 


To preserve the delicate taste of cod, you can opt for baking in foil, an interesting way because it allows you to preserve the nutritional characteristics of the food and reduce cooking time and fat.

Inside the foil it is possible to insert aromatic herbs such as thyme and parsley, lemon and garlic. The foil is closed as a “gift package” if the fish is whole or “a fagottino” if they are fillets.

Cod Hamburger

It’s perfect for any occasion. The cod burger is a gourmet street food that “saves” every dinner with style. Preparing it is not difficult, just blend in the mixer the cod, bread soaked in water, egg, salt and pepper until you get a smooth mixture. The “trick” is to add a few tablespoons of chopped corn flakes to tie everything together. Fry the burgers until they take on a golden colour. They are excellent to serve in bread with fresh salad and mayonnaise flavored with ginger for an oriental touch. 

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