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How to Cook Beef Cutting

How to Cook Beef Cutting

The tagliata is a second course of simple and tasty meat that is obtained by quickly cooking a rib of beef and then serving it in thick slices and oblique. Do you want to know the secrets of cooking a soft and tasty cut?

What is meant by “tagliata” and with which meat is cooked

The cut is usually obtained from the rib of beef with the bone but, given the final result you want to get, you can also buy the same piece of meat without the bone: in this case the cut takes the name of entrecôte. Florentine beef can also be used, a very particular part of the rib where the fillet is, the tenderest part of the beef’s body, which is not subject to physical exertion. Which cut of meat is best used? Surely with a cut of Florentine you will make a good figure.

Can you make a fish steak?

To cook this second course you can also choose not to use meat: because yes, you can also make the cut with fish. For example, tuna lends itself to being cooked and served as a cut. In this case, choose the bluefin tuna, which has a dark red colour and a very intense flavour. You can also get excellent cuts with salmon and swordfish.

Secrets for a tender beef cut

To obtain a tender cut, first of all you have to remove the meat from the fridge at least 60 minutes before cooking it: changes in temperature make it harden. But the most important thing is the cooking, which must be at high heat so that it forms a nice crust on the outside and the inside remains well in the blood, triggering the reaction of Maillard.

To flavour it more you can then choose to marinate the rib for a whole night in aromatic herbs, red wine and extra virgin olive oil, but it will be essential that you remember to take the meat out of the fridge an hour before cooking, so that it goes on the hot plate or pan at room temperature.

Another important step to get the result “soft inside, crisp outside” is to dry the meat on both sides. Last suggestion not to be underestimated: remember also never to use poor pots, plates or pans that are, the important thing is that they are made of cast iron or have an important bottom.

How to adjust with cooking

During cooking resist the temptation to punch the meat with a fork, otherwise the liquids inside could escape: always turn the rib with a spatula. For a piece of beef 4 cm high, it will take 5 minutes of cooking on each side, a few minutes more if you do not want to eat a cut in the blood. Be careful not to overdo it in any case: the inside must remain pink.

Once cooked, put the entrecôte or rib on a plate, wrap it in aluminium foil and wait a couple of minutes. This will allow the driest parts to hydrate again and there will be no leakage of liquid when the cut is made. Also, the aluminium foil will not lower the temperature too much.

How to Make Beef Cut in a Pan or Grill

Let’s find out how to do the frying pan cut. After drying the meat, start to heat the pan, which must be non-stick, preferably cast iron. The temperature of the metal must reach 140° C, a level that can be reached after about 3 minutes on a high flame.

Then put a piece of meat in the center and leave to cook for 3 to 5 minutes, without turning it before the end of time, for each side. During cooking, avoid adding oil or butter. The frying pan is the right tool to prepare the recipe for the juniper beef steak.

To prepare the grilled cut, follow the same procedure as for the pan, and then heat up the metal surface. If you use soapstone, heat it over a low flame or with a cast iron flame spreader. When it is hot, lay the meat on top, cooking it for 3 to 5 minutes on each side.

The plate is the right tool to prepare a tasty cut to the aromas, the cut of beef to the smoked taste, the cut with citrus butter and the cut of beef with eggnog chives.

How to make the grilled cut

If you want to use the hot embers, place the steaks on the grill and let them cook for 3-5 minutes on each side depending on the thickness. Always with the help of a spatula, turn the slices and at the end of cooking leave them to rest on a plate covered with aluminium foil.

How to make the cut in the oven

Then we find out how to make the cut in the oven. In a bowl, place the aromas and extra virgin olive oil. Marinate the meat for an hour. Then place it in an oven dish together with its marinating, bake at 180 ° C and leave to cook for 20 minutes (medium cooking). At the end of the time, take it out of the oven and let it rest for about 5-7 minutes. In this way, the juices will remain in the meat, without coming out during cutting.

How to make the cut in foil

By following the preliminary instructions to prepare the baked cut, you can embellish the recipe with the use of foil. Put an aluminium foil in the oven dish, place the meat with the marinating liquid and then close the foil: cook for 20 minutes at 200° C. In this way you will enclose the cooking juices for a soft and tasty result.

How to make the cut in salt

Another tasty preparation technique is salt cutting. Sprinkle the steak pot, pan or soapstone with salt until it is covered. Light the fire and heat the plate well. Once the temperature has been reached, spread the fresh rosemary over the steak pan. Put the meat on the plate and cook for 5 minutes on each side. When cooked, cut into slices and serve.

What to combine the beef cut with

Beef steak goes perfectly with rocket or fresh herbs, but it is also perfect with duchess potatoes and sauces for bourguignonne.

How to recycle an advanced cut

If, unfortunately, you have guests on your table who are able to leave a few pieces of beef tagliata behind, don’t worry. Take the chunks and fray them in a salad or in a sandwich. You can also prepare meatballs or even use cooked meat to make broth. You can also invent a soup, create an original pâté or use slices of tagliata to stuff rustic cakes.

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