Homemade pizza: 5 mistakes we make often

One thing is quite clear: making a pizza like that of the Neapolitan pizzeria, or pizza by the cut, is not easy at all. This, despite the good will, the careful choice of flour, the care in kneading, the patience to make rise. Assuming that, however, and unless you have a wood-burning oven or an appliance with exceptional performance in […]

How to cook Roast Beef

 For many, roast beef is the Sunday dish. For some – especially those of Anglo-Saxon culture – it is much more so than meat sauce or baked pasta. But preparing it well is a difficult task: it is not easy to keep it soft inside, without it burning or, worse still, drying it. Here are some tips on how to […]

How To Cook Meat: The Best Methods

Here are some tips to follow when cooking meat, which vary depending on the type of cooking: Boiled and boiled: The differences consist in the temperature of the water. In case of full boiling we will talk about boiled, so we will use the broth that must be already tasty. If, on the other hand, we use broth with carrots, […]

How to cook cod. All the ways to prepare it

Cod, whose Latin name is Gadus morhua, is a very common fish on Italian tables. It is fished mainly in the cold and deep waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and the main world producers are Norway, Iceland, Ireland, United Kingdom. It is a fish with white meat, firm and low fat. Depending on its processing takes different names: cod […]