How to Cook Beef Cutting

The tagliata is a second course of simple and tasty meat that is obtained by quickly cooking a rib of beef and then serving it in thick slices and oblique. Do you want to know the secrets of cooking a soft and tasty cut? What is meant by “tagliata” and with which meat is cooked The cut is usually obtained […]

How to clean, cook and eat prickly pears

Difficult to handle, but very tasty to eat: they are the prickly pears, a delicious fruit widespread on the Italian tables of the South but still too little used in mainstream cuisine. Perhaps it’s the fault of its hard rind and the small thorns that surround it. But it only takes a little attention and creativity to get from this […]

Baked pizza: dough and seasoning

If we wanted to subdivide pizza lovers into two categories, we could use as a discriminating factor the moment when we are no longer satisfied with just an honest homemade quick pizza, but we go in search of a different product that is similar to that of pizzerias . This contamination, which I myself have been experiencing for some years, […]