Quality of fruits and vegetables

Quality of fruits and vegetables

When buying fruits and vegetables, it is necessary to know the supplier, as well as to understand where these fruits were brought from. Remember, you can use commercial citrus juicer machine.

Quite often it happens that the appearance of beautiful fruits is not pleasant to the taste, or even very harmful, because dangerous chemicals were used in their cultivation.

When buying certain fruits (vegetables), pay attention to the fact that in the places of purchase there is all the information about the product.

Then proceed to the visual evaluation of the fruit. When choosing a fruit or vegetable, the first thing we need to pay attention to is its structure: density, hardness, dents and damage. To the touch determines the degree of ripeness, and the criteria for evaluation depend on the variety and type of fruit. For example, tomatoes should not be soft, avocados – hard, cucumbers – flabby. Melons and watermelons should buy unbroken, dense, but peaches and grapes – slightly soft (but not too soft, otherwise you will take overripe fruit). As for leeks, it should be with a whole rhizome, the root and leaves should not be flaccid. Zucchini and pumpkin have dense rinds indicating overripeness, so you should refuse to buy them.

Evaluation of odor and color is the next step. The presence of scratches, spots, growths, and leavening indicates poor quality fruit, or immaturity (for example, melon has green spots), as well as violations of transportation and storage rules without food additives that increase the shelf life. In bananas, dark spots and darkened flesh of mangoes are a sign that the fruits have been frozen; a sign of sunburn can be a strong redness on green varieties of apples. Therefore, the shelf life of these fruits is drastically reduced, their juiciness decreases, nutrients disappear, resulting in loss of flavor and cooking flavor of the dish.

Do not forget about greenhouse vegetables, they have a characteristic aroma – the smell of the stalks, twigs, while the ground smell is practically absent. This is especially important if the vegetables will be used for canning and pickling. Most fruits (most apples and oranges) are coated with a special wax to prevent rotting, which makes them almost completely lose their flavor.

It is better to buy berries and fruits in season, you will agree, because strawberries in winter cannot be as fragrant and sweet as at the beginning of the summer season. Seasonal fruits will contain many more nutrients, which are so necessary for your health.