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Beef Secrets Straight From the Butcher

I have just completed this book which encompasses 60 years of working in the meat industry in addition to information you see here on this website. If you have a moment, please take some time to check it out.

Beef Secrets Straight From the Butcher by Lee O'Hara

You can buy Forschner knives here, which I think are the best on the market.

My 10" steak knife, and the 6" boning knife, as seen in the photos, have been with me for nearly 50 years and hardly show the wear. I've always kept them as sharp as razors. I once estimated that I've cut about 4 million pounds of meat with them.

People sometimes pay very high prices for very beautiful kitchen knives. A knife is only as good as the steel it's made from. Forschners aren't necessarily beautiful, but with proper care, they apparently last forever. They're relatively inexpensive compared to "show-off" knives that are very often made of low quality steel.

I order all my meat grinding needs--sausage casings, seasonings of all kinds, etc., from this company exclusively. To my knowledge, the standout best book ever written on sausage making is, "Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing," by Rytek Kutas, the founder of the company. The book is a complete education, and gives step by step directions on every facet of sausage making and meat curing (you might recognize my grinder on that web site).

Maverick Meat Grinder

The Maverick, Model 5501, is my new “find.” I just bought a whole brisket, cut 5 lbs. off the plate end, cut it into long strips, about 8” x 1.5” x 1.5”, and ran it through the 3/16” grinding plate. Nice!

If you use ground beef, you won’t believe the difference between what you grind and what the supermarket calls, “fresh.” more about The Maverick Meat Grinder


Organic Home Gardening

Easy to follow step by step instructions that will enable you to quickly, easily and economically create and sustain your own organic home garden - whether you have 3 square feet or several acres of garden space to start from.

Other 101 Courses of Interest

Soundproofing 101

Short courses and information on soundproofing your home, business, or sound studio by an expert on noise reduction.

HeadShots 101

A professional photographer in the Los Angeles area gives tips and advice on everything you need to know about getting a headshot, from choosing a photographer and how much you can expect to pay, to posing and even what to do the day of the shoot.

Your Feedback is Appreciated

We want to know more and help you at the same time. If you find errors in our hopefully ever expanding "course" list , please let us know. If you want to recommend other companies, please do and tell us about your experiences with them. If you have had a bad experience with one of these, please also tell us that.

We want this website to be an excellent reference for you. One that does not just want to sell you their style of solution, by skewing the truth so you buy their solution. With education and understanding comes knowledge and power.

If you've found these courses to be helpful, please send us an email:   . We want to hear from you!

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