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  Meat Grinders - Course 201

Taking Apart the Meat Grinding Machine Head for Cleaning

Remove the locking ring with plastic wrench.

Remove the locking ring with plastic wrench

After a quick switch on and switch off for an easy release of auger, cutting blade and grinding plate.


Release the auger, cutting blade and grinding plate from the meat grinder head

Clean the locking ring.


Cleaning the locking ring

3 cutting plates: small, medium and large holes


Three meat grinding plates

Placing a meat grinding plate over the cutting blade and place notch in cutting plate in proper position.


Reassemble the grinding head

Thank you for studying "Meat Grinders - Course 201" with us.

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Course Contents:
Choosing a Meat Grinder
Meat Grinder Assembly, Part 1
Meat Grinder Assembly, Part 2
Taking Apart the Meat Grinder
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