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  Meat Grinders - Course 201

Meat Grinder Assembly, Part 2

More About Meat Grinders

This kind of grinder usually comes with 3 grinder plates: small holes: about 1/8", medium holes: about 3/16", large holes: about 1/4" holes.

Commercially, beef is generally ground once through about a 3/16" plate, and then through the 1/8" plate. This serves several purposes, the main being that it ensures the fat and red meat are well mixed together.

If you use good quality meat, take out the heavy "grissle," tendons, bone particles, blood clots, and other obnoxious little things the commercial guys don't have time to bother with; you don't need to grind it but once.

Ready for the meat tray.

Grinding machine ready for the meat tray

Ready for the meat.


Meat Grinder Ready for the Meat

Meat Grinder Ready for the Meat with the meat pusher

Click on taking the grinding machine head apart to continue.

Course Contents:
Choosing a Meat Grinder
Meat Grinder Assembly, Part 1
Meat Grinder Assembly, Part 2Taking Apart the Meat Grinder
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