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  Meat Grinders - Course 201

Choosing a Home Meat Grinding Machine

Introduction to Home Meat Grinding Machines

There are a variety of home meat grinding machines available, from manual ones you clamp to a table top, to various tabletop electric grinders.  The cheaper plastic meat grinder models cost around $40.00, and the stainless steel and cast iron electric meat grinders that should last a lifetime, run about $100. 

Nobody new to grinding meat should buy the plastic and Teflon models.  The problem is that the parts are flexible, which causes jamming, which in turn causes one to have to stop and fix the problem with regularity. I fought with and wore out two meat grinders over the years until I finally found that really good, steel and cast iron meat grinders were available.   I’ve not had a jam or any other problem since using this type of meat grinder. 

I make a lot of sausages and salamis for friends and family, plus whatever hamburger the family wants, and have probably used my meat grinder in 2 years more than most would use one in a lifetime.  It’s still like brand new and turns grinding meat from being a chore into a fun and easy thing to do.

Assembled meat grinder, with the meat pusher in the tray.

Assembled Meat Grinder

This kind of electric meat grinder is available for about $100.  I bought this one from for $99.  I've had it for about 3 years, and with the use it gets, which is an average of maybe 40 pounds per month, with proper care I expect it will last at least another 50 years.  This meat grinder a joy to work with. 

The plastic and teflon meat grinder this one replaced cost about $40, and worked for 23 years.  I don't recommend the plastic models, especially for the inexperienced.  They can be a challenge to work with, often needing to be cleaned in the middle of grinding meat. The initial savings is quickly forgotten in lost time, lost meat, and hair pulling frustration.

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Course Contents:
Choosing a Meat Grinder
Meat Grinder Assembly, Part 1
Meat Grinder Assembly, Part 2
Taking Apart the Meat Grinder
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