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  Homemade Ground Beef - Course 102

Homemade Ground Beef

Introduction to Making Ground Beef: Why Grind Your Own Meat?

Most of us eat meat a time or two every day, and most know nothing at all about it.  We think we don’t need to know.  If it looks good, doesn’t have much fat on it, nice and red and the price is right, it’ll work.

The lower the fat content of the ground beef, per the label, the better, we think. "Ground Fresh Daily," the advertising says. It would be, in almost every case, more honest to say, "Re-Ground Fresh Daily."

In most cases, the ground beef was first ground last week in Iowa, or some other distant state, stuffed in a long, large tube of plastic, and trucked to your local supermarket. We buy ground beef in Louisiana or Los Angeles this morning, after it's been re-ground and re-packaged into smaller packages. We don’t need to know what kind of meat went into the grinder, do we? We don’t need to know how long ago the meat was first ground, do we? I do.  

Want to have the best ground beef you ever tasted?

Grind your own.

Want to know that your ground beef is completely pure?

Grind your own.

Want to have the freshest, cleanest, tastiest ground beef money can buy?

Grind your own.

Want to feel safe eating your ground beef rare or medium-rare, rather than cooked to a cinder?

Grind your own.

Okay, so I grind my own -- what do I grind, and how do I do that anyway?

Comparing homemade ground beef to store bought

Comparing real homemade ground beef to store bought

Package at photo right is "Fresh Ground Beef" Less than 30% Fat.
1.12lb. @$2.09 = $2.34

Package at photo left is "Fresh Ground Beef" Lean, Less than 22% Fat.
1.12lb. @ $2.99 = $3.35

Our homemade ground beef, in the center, for 1.12 lbs., @ $2.39, would cost a total of $2.68

First of all, please see my short Meat Grinders Course to get information on choosing, assembling and cleaning a meat grinder.

But here is the "what":

What do I grind?  You don’t have to be a meat expert to make homemade ground beef. 

I try to buy the cuts of meat we use the most of when it’s on sale. For our tastes, we prefer our ground beef to be juicy, which means it has to have some fat content. Additionally, we grind the meat only once, using the medium sized plate, as shown on the Meat Grinder page of this site. If you prefer your ground beef finer, you would use the medium sized meat grinding plate, and then re-grind it through the smallest sized meat grinding plate.

Boneless chuck roast is often on sale and can be bought for about $2 per lb. I’ll buy whatever total weight I want, sometimes buying 4 or 5 roasts of 3-6 lbs. each.

Finding U.S.D.A., (United States Department of Agriculture) Choice beef used to be very easy, as that was the standard grade that supermarkets used. With the advent of the idea that fat was bad, back in the mid ‘70’s, markets began carrying lesser grades of beef. For homemade ground beef, most of us wouldn’t want to use U.S.D.A. Choice beef, as the fat within the meat, called marbling, can’t be removed and makes the ground beef too fat.

Most supermarkets today carry the next lower grade, but call it by some trade name, such as “Reserve,” or some such. USDA Select is generally ideal for making your own ground beef, as the fat content is enough to make the ground beef juicy, without it being overly fat.

Click on ground beef to proceed.

Course Contents:
Why Grind Your Own Meat?
Ground Beef, Steps 1-3
Ground Beef, Steps 4-7
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