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  Freezing Meat Without Freezer Burn - Course 202

Meat Wrapping, Part 2

Remaining Meat Wrapping Steps

Roll the package forward while maintaining a tight seal at both ends.

Continue with the meat wrapping technique

Re-do exactly the same process, giving it a double wrap, starting now from the opposite end of the package.

Continue with the meat wrapping technique

Finished Product.

The finished product is now tightly sealed and no air will be able to circulate around it, eliminating the possibility of freezer burn and wasted food dollars. Notice that the plastic wrap is self-sealing and there is no need to tape or otherwise secure the end of the wrap.

Meat is now completely wrapped

Package ready for the freezer.

To further protect the now double wrapped package from being punctured, or the seal created by the plastic wrap to become un-done or broken, the package should be protected.

We like to use Zip Lock bags, being sure to squeeze out any air before zipping it closed. It can be wrapped in butcher paper, put inside a brown paper bag, or almost anything that will protect the package.


Put the meat in a plastic bag before freezing

Put the meat in a plastic bag before freezing

Thank you for studying "Freezing Meat Without Freezer Burn - Course 202" with us.

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Course Contents:
What is Freezer Burn?
Freezing Meats & Aluminum Foil
Meat Wrapping, Part 1
Meat Wrapping, Part 2
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