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  Freezing Meat Without Freezer Burn - Course 202

Never again experience freezer burn. Learn about meat wrapping and freezing meat.

What is Freezer Burn?

Freezer burn is simply the dehydration of any food, be it meat, vegetable or fruit.  Many people don’t realize that ice evaporates in a freezer.  Sometimes you find that the ice cubes in the ice cube tray are about half the size they should be.  The tray was full when it went into the freezer.  The ice cubes evaporated. Today’s “frost free” freezers and refrigerators take the moisture out of the air in the freezer, but they also take it out of anything that isn’t tightly wrapped or sealed and this causes freezer burn.

The same evaporation process happens with meat that isn’t sealed in an air tight wrapping.  The moisture in the meat evaporates; leaving only desiccated reddish or white fibrous cell walls that weigh a tiny fraction of the original piece of meat.  Even if only the surface of the meat freezer burned, the tainted taste of the remaining meat makes it pretty much inedible.

Popular Freezer Burn Myths

In chatting with good friends over lunch recently, I was surprised to learn that freezer burn is apparently a very common problem.  My friends mentioned that every few weeks they discover something in their freezer that they’d forgotten about and now had to throw it out because it was freezer burned.  They had just thrown out two packages of boneless chicken breast with freezer burn.

How long had it been in the freezer?  Three, maybe four weeks, they answered.  How could that be, I wanted to know?  “Oh, you know, you think you’ll use it, you don’t, so you throw it in the freezer.”

And how did you wrap it before “throwing it in the freezer?”  It was already wrapped, they told me.

You can’t do that.  Basically they didn’t know anything about freezing meat.  It is possible to freeze meat the right way and not have freezer burn.

Meats in the meat counter are minimally wrapped, intended to be used while fresh, and are not intended to be frozen in those wrappings.

It is Possible to Stop Freezer Burn

If you’re going to be freezing meat and avoiding freezer burn, the meat must be fully and tightly sealed.  I sometimes run across steaks, homemade blocks of eggplant Parmesan, chuck roasts that I’ve made into corned beef or pastrami, and sundry other foodstuffs, in the freezer compartments of our refrigerators for 2 years and more, without a trace of freezer burn, as fresh as the day they went into the freezer.

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Course Contents:
What is Freezer Burn?
Freezing Meats & Aluminum Foil
Meat Wrapping, Part 1
Meat Wrapping, Part 2
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