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  Beef Secrets Straight From the Butcher - Table of Contents

The author of and Organic Home Gardening Made Easy brings you tips on another important topic...

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BEEF SECRETS straight from the BUTCHER by Lee O’Hara will change the way you think about and buy beef.

Table of Contents for BEEF SECRETS Straight From the Butcher


Becoming More Aware

Grades of Beef

USDA Inspection versus USDA Grading
What Grade of Beef Do I Want?

Organic Beef

Sex in the Feedlot

The Bull
The Heifer
The Steer

What Becomes of That Thousand-Pound Steer?

Side of Beef

The Front Quarter

Cross Rib
Brisket & Plate

The Hindquarter

Sirloin Tip
Full Loin

Why Buy a Primal?

Consider the Meat Ads

What is Steak?
Today’s Ads


Pot Roast
Oven Roast
“Chicken Fry” Tip
Cooking Chuck
Things to Consider

About Aging Meat

Aging Beef

Why Not Make Your Own?

Fresh Ground Beef?
Grinding Your Own
Finding the Right Grinder

What is Freezer Burn?

Popular Myths
It Is Possible to Stop Freezer Burn
How to Wrap Meat
Aluminum Foil

Sharpen Your Knife

Knife Sharpening
Sharpening Tools
Sharpening Stones
Steel Sharpener
Diamond and Ceramic Sharpeners

Beef Cuts Chart

Wrapping It Up

BEEF SECRETS straight from the BUTCHER makes a great gift.

Price: $19.95 + FREE SHIPPING

Or send a check or money order payable to Precision Wordage for $19.95 (free shipping). Mail to:

Precision Wordage Press
PO Box 94536
Pasadena, CA 91109-4536

Beef Secrets Straight From the Butcher by Lee O'Hara

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