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  Homemade Sausage

Introduction to Homemade Sausage

Wonder what happened to all the sausage you put in the frying pan, and where all that grease came from?

Compare the photo of our homemade sausage to the brand name sausage in the photo. Farmer John sausage is probably as good as any breakfast sausage that can be found in retail markets today.

Photo comparing homemade sausage to retail sausage
Retail sausages on left, homemade sausages on the right.

The photo of our homemade sausages is only an indication of the difference. The residual fat in the pan and flavor of the homemade sausage is the proof. You'll find a very substantial difference in the sausage you make, and what you can buy. It's doubtful anyone would buy commercially made breakfast sausage after once making your own.

Depending on the kind of sausage being made, government regulations permit up to 50% of the content to be fat. In looking at some commercial sausages, one wonders if it's only 50% fat.

There are countless types, styles and classes of sausage. Some sausages are fully cooked and smoked, ready to eat, some are made fresh and ready to cook, some are dry-cured and never cooked with heat, some are stuffed into casings, some made in a loaf pan, and some are "skinless," or made into patties, (as is our homemade breakfast sausage) and some sausages are stuffed into mesh nettings.

To continue onto the rest of the "Homemade Sausage" course, click on homemade sausage.

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